New York with Essence Makeup

This is going to be the longest blog post ever but I just had to share this unbelievable experience!

Finding Essence

Last summer, I was walking through the aisles of Ulta trying to find more affordable makeup. At the time, I was living in Utah and going to college. I was shocked when I came across Essence Cosmetic’s cute stand because it was so affordable! I had never heard of the brand so I swatched their test products. I was so surprised at the quality of the brand and the price so I snagged up some lipsticks and eyeliner. If anyone would have told me last summer that Essence would be flying me out to New York I wouldn’t have believed it! I still can’t believe it happened!

How did you get to go to NYC?

A couple of months ago, I saw that Essence had posted on their Instagram. They were doing a contest/giveaway called #WatchMeSparkle. I’m not a makeup artist but I figured it would be worth a shot because I truly do love this brand. Well, I made a short makeup tutorial and to be honest the quality of my video wasn’t too good haha but I’m still glad I won!! I will say it was fun to make. I made the video in March, posted in April, won in May, and flew out to New York in June! I still can’t believe they chose me! This experience was seriously a dream.

Let’s get to New York

Day 1 was so fun because it was an “explore day!” I had never been to New York before and it was amazing to fly in and see the view. I flew alone for the first time too. I got to my hotel and met one of the other winners named Hannah. Which by the way, she is so talented with makeup! We both got there really early so we had time to go to Central Park, Times Square, and eat yummy food. The view from our hotel was incredible!
Day 2 I woke up really early to get ready to hang out with the Essence Team and the winners. We played some get to know you games, ate tacos, went on a scavenger hunt for a big prize, and had a makeup class. The scavenger hunt 1st place prize was $100 to Forever21. We had to go around the city and take pictures for prompts we were given. It was fun and kind of crazy! We also won! 😉 After hanging out with Essence, I explored New York with some of the winners. I’m so glad I got to meet them! They are amazing and so sweet! I was so nervous to meet a bunch of new people but everyone was so real and nice so I shouldn’t have worried! Day 3 we got to go to Essence’s actual office! The view was beautiful and we got to see and swatch products that aren’t even on the market so that was so cool! We then got to raid their makeup stash so that was a dream! You could say that I came home with a lot of makeup haha. We had lunch at the cutest place and we heard from some amazing speakers. Everything was pretty Pinterest and Instagram worthy haha. Then, it was time to say goodbye to everyone. I was ready to go home because I was definitely missing my babes back home! I’m so thankful Essence gave me this amazing opportunity!




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