6 Ways To Afford New Clothes


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Growing up I was always super frugal. I grew up with a single mama so I made it a fun challenge to find cute clothes for a good price. Now that I am married and have a baby, I still continue to try and save money. My husband and I are still both trying to finish up our degrees so we definitely need to be smart shoppers. I think even if I had tons of money I would still try and find deals just because it gives me some sort of rush to save money haha. 😉 Hope these tips help! ❤

1. Sell your old clothes/accessories– You would be surprised to see how much money you can make off of clothes or accessories that you don’t really wear or just sit in your closet! If you haven’t worn it in a few months its probably a good sign to just get rid of it. Just think of the pretty new clothes that you have been wanting! Some of my favorite places to sell(not in order): Facebook, Poshmark, yard sales,, and Buy/Sell fashion stores like Plato’s Closet. At the end of this blog post, I will have tips for selling and getting the most out of your clothes.

2. Buy gently used clothing- Hey, at least it’s new to you! I love going to Buy/Sell or consignment stores and finding name brand or cute clothes for a good price. I also have so much fun thrifting. I have been so lucky to even find brand new items at these places plus it is so affordable! Also one time, I bought the cuuuutest blush floral maxi dress on Facebook from a girl I had sold some clothes to (I felt like we were almost friends because she bought from me quite a few times haha 🙂 ). It looked new and I got it for half the price I would have at a boutique. I also bought a Kate Spade purse from Poshmark for a way good deal! Use my Poshmark code POOJC to get $5 for your first purchase when you sign up. Also, feel free to add me on Poshmark for when I have closet sales @dianapoulter. The one thing I would be careful  with buying from Poshmark is to make sure it’s not fake and definitely don’t do trades! I have heard other people use Mercari (it’s like poshmark) but I haven’t tried it yet. 🙂

3. Trade-I had some roommates that were getting rid of some clothes so we just traded. They would put it in a pile and asked if I wanted any before they went and donated it. I did the same so it was fair. Find a roommate, friend, or sibling that would be up to trading. It never hurts to ask!

4. Affordable Stores- I absolutely love looking on Pinterest to get inspiration for outfits. Then, I go to stores and try to find something similar. My all time favorite store is TJ Maxx. They have affordable name brand clothes along with other cute stuff. Some other stores that I love are Forever21, H&M, Rue21, and Ross. My favorite online stores to shop at are Amazon, SheIn, Jane, and ModCloth has a good clearance section. GoJane also has good sales. When buying online, remember to read the reviews and size charts!

5. DIY- If you can’t afford a certain style or trend that you have been loving then just do it yourself! There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest to make your own skirt, shirt, dress. I can’t sew nor do I have a sewing machine so I just find the tutorials that are more simple.  For example, I am doing a DIY pom pom look soon and I’ll be posting it on my blog. I will re-fashion some sandals and an old shirt for a “new” look.

6. Coupons-A lot of websites offer a coupon code when you sign up with your email for the first time. Those are the only ones I have used but I know there are tons of other coupons out there.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me! Thanks for reading. 🙂

Below I have tips for selling your clothes:

Facebook-Depending on the area you live in also depends on how well the Facebook sell page is. When I lived in Logan, Ut the page I was on wasn’t super active but the one in Rexburg, ID was! I posted my clothes/accessories with clear descriptions and cute layouts to display what I was selling. Always list your items just a little bit higher because people always want to barter. That way you’ll end up in the price range you are shooting for. Just don’t sell too high.

Buy/Sell store– I love going to store’s like Plato’s Closet or Uptown Cheapskate. If you aren’t familiar with stores like that I’ll give you a run down. You go in with your gently used clothes/accessories and they go through and pick what they want to buy from you. They either give you cash or in store credit on the spot. Please realize this is a business so you aren’t going to get what you expect. I prefer to sell online first but sometimes I am impatient and it seems easier to get money on the spot. It helps a TON if you ask them what kinds of things they are looking to buy. Make sure there aren’t stains, holes, or that your items are not million years old. 😉 It also helps to sell clothes that are in season. If it’s summer chances are they are not going to buy your winter items.

Poshmark-Good pictures are a must! Be clear with your description of the item and list any use. For example, “Gently used Kate Spade. Has a small stain on the inside and creases on the back.” That way people don’t get mad and know what to expect when buying. Also, I recommend shipping the item as fast as you can for good reviews. More people will trust to buy from you if you have good reviews. Be honest with your dealings. Also, remember people are going to want to barter. Poshmark does take a percentage of your earnings.


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