First time trying Lipsense

I’m sure you’re probably sick of everyone talking about Lipsense if you haven’t already tried it. It’s everywhere. On Facebook, Instagram, and even your friends might be talking about it. I had heard about it and wanted to try it but to be honest the price turned me away. Can a lipstick really be worth the $25???

The first time I tried Lipsense was on a Saturday. I pulled the pretty wand out and applied it to my lips. I felt a slight tingle/burning but really it wasn’t bad. I waited a few seconds for it to dry and added one more coat. The color was beautiful. I kissed my hand to see if it actually worked. Yup, it didn’t even leave a mark. At the same time, my mom put on the 24 hour lipstick by Cover Girl. I didn’t plan on it but it was definitely cool to compare it side by side to an affordable drugstore lipstick. I was at my mom’s getting ready and then we went to a baby shower, wedding reception, and I also brushed my teeth. I may also add that I had a ton of food and drinks. By the end of the night, my mom’s lipstick looked good but it was faded towards the inside of her lips. My lipstick on the other hand looked perfect! I was actually super surprised and impressed at how well it lasted. I’m officially obsessed with lipsense now. I can’t even feel that I’m wearing it! I would definitely say it is worth the price. I know my husband doesn’t like to kiss me when I have lipstick on but he totally will when I’m wearing lipsense since it doesn’t get on him. It would also be perfect if you’re getting married!

If you would like to buy some lipsense follow @flawless_by_danielle! She’s super sweet. I love that she sent instruction cards!! I’ll post them below. 

I suck at taking kissy face pictures haha. 😉

I will admit it smells strong when you first apply it on but then I couldn’t smell it anymore. Let me know if you try it or your experience with it!❤️




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