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Wedding Video+ 1 year Anniversary

I think most people are super surprised when I tell them I edited our own wedding video. We had one of Landon’s friends film it and I just edited it together. I may add that I am no video editing expert. Also, Landon and I paid for most of our wedding. Crazy huh? We didn’t want to put more stress on our families especially for my single mom. We decided to just be responsible and pay as much as we could.

To sum things up, I can’t believe how fast 1 year has gone by! I can’t imagine my life without Landon. He is so sweet, loving, and caring…and not to mention a total babe and he is so much fun! It’s crazy to think that I love him more and more each day. He is more than I could have ever hoped  or dreamed for. I feel beyond blessed to have him.

Our wedding day was super long but very special! We were sealed for all time and eternity in the LDS Rexburg Temple in Idaho. We believe in marriage that is for forever, even after death. We believe as well that families are forever. Temples are the House of The Lord and the most sacred structure on Earth. The difference between the temple and the church is that church is for weekly worship. The temple is for special or sacred moments and one of them being marriage. If you would like to learn more about temples you can always read here. 🙂

We then had a luncheon/ring ceremony and then had a dance at our Reception. We had a ring ceremony for all my family who are not LDS and for those who are and have not gone through the temple yet. I am a convert to the LDS church so the majority of my family are not LDS. The reason not everyone can attend the temple is because there is a process and it is a very sacred place. It is not because we have secrets in the temple or because we don’t want them there but because it is so sacred. Not everyone who is LDS has gone through the temple. We go to the temple when we are ready to make sacred covenants with the Lord.

We decided to keep it at just close family and friends. It was only 10 in the morning and I couldn’t stop crying of happiness. My make-up was everywhere and my hair was a mess because of my veil sliding haha. It wasn’t a perfect wedding but marrying the love of my life was perfect for me.



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