How to Start a Fashion Blog on a Budget

How to blog on a budget

New to the blogging world? Who says you have to break the bank?! After blogging for close to a year I have learned a few things that have helped me.

  1. A website-First things first, you need a website. In my honest opinion, I love WordPress! It is so easy to use and its FREE! They have various types of templates to fit your style. If you would like to have your own domain, you can pay a minimum of $18 a year.
  2. Choosing a name-We already figured out where we want to start, now we need a name! Make a list of things you want to focus your blog about to give yourself ideas. Also, keep in mind that you want to choose a name you won’t later regret. If you are struggling, try using a name generator here.
  3. Pictures-You don’t need a fancy camera to take pictures. If you have a good phone or any camera, you are set! I like to use my iPhone sometimes and it works just as great. One of my favorite bloggers actually takes pictures on her phone and she’s a big deal. I think the most important thing is that the pictures are clear.
  4. Who is going to take my pictures?-If you don’t have anyone to take your pictures you can buy a really affordable camera/phone tripod! Just set the self timer and pose. Here is an affordable one that I sometimes use and it’s around $12: Phone Tripod
  5. Social Media-Instagram is definitely a must, but don’t neglect other forms of social media. My next favorite form of social media is Pinterest.
  6. Be consistent-You don’t have to post everyday but I think it helps your blog grow if you post consistently.
  7. Use hashtags– I know it may sound silly or lame but there are other bloggers and people out there who connect through looking at hashtags.
  8. Find your posting style-Is there is a brick wall that you love taking pictures by or you maybe you like to do outfit layouts? When you have a particular style, people are more attracted to your blog/social media account. Lately, I have been trying to use solid bright colored backgrounds in my pictures.
  9. Be yourself– No explanation needed. 🙂 Just do your “thang.”Keep it real.
  10. Use other materials-Maybe you want to take good pictures of accessories or things you like to use. Don’t hesitate to buy a solid color poster to use as a backdrop. You can get real creative and throw in some glitter or paper hearts.
  11. Be friendly– Don’t be afraid to connect with other bloggers.
  12. Followers-If you are wondering about followers, don’t get too worked up about it. Find others who share similar interests. Don’t worry if you have 10 followers or 20293019. You want people to love your blog and who you are.
  13. Keep it legal-Remember that you can’t just take any picture or content on the internet and copy it to your blog. For example, the header image for this post was one I found on website that has tons of free non-copyright pictures.
  14. Tips on Pinterest-I have learned A LOT by reading other blog posts that I found on Pinterest. You can always search things like “How to grow your blog” or “Free images for your blog.”
  15. Don’t give up!-If you are passionate about fashion blogging don’t give up! It can be intimidating with other fashion bloggers out there who have more followers or take pictures with DSLR cameras but they started somewhere too. 😉 You’ll keep learning as you go.

I hope this helped! 🙂 I am still learning as I go and so will you.



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