Wedding Decor

I really wanted to share this because I had so much fun making some of our decor and thinking of ideas. I can never get tired of thinking about our special day. We had an antique/vintage theme to our wedding. I am so proud of Landon and I  because we saved up and paid for most of our wedding ourselves. The reason we did that was because I have a single mom. Our families pitched in and helped with some things but Landon and I paid most of it. We worked really hard to have a nice wedding for all of our family to enjoy with us. It was a crazy, long, but exciting. I loved it! Sometimes I think to myself, “Oh, I should have done that differently.” or “I did not like how those certain decorations turned out.” but in the end what was most important was us. 🙂

Below, my husband made this antique frame. We used it to put pictures of our loved ones that passed away so they could still be part of our special day.


We had our venue in a really pretty Log Cabin type of place.


I found these super cute tissue flowers on Amazon. They were super affordable and easy to set up.IMG_5921

I made this banner that says I love you in Spanish…if you didn’t know that already haha.


We saved money on our cake and we honestly just got it made at Sam’s club for $60. It was awesome because I got to put the ribbon and flowers on top since it was a plain white cake. 🙂  The cake tasted incredible! I don’t like fondant anyways so I wanted frosting. I would definitely recommend it.


Our venue provided a lot of the decorations and the centerpieces so I picked your typical floating candles centerpiece.



We had tons of purple candies and cupcakes as dessert and of course cake.IMG_6056

Instead of a traditional guest book, we had everyone sign the back of a picture and put it in an album.



Naturally, we served Mexican Food haha. :)LON_0494A Food


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