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Bridal Pictures & My Modest Wedding Dress

I would definitely recommend taking bridal pictures to any bride to be. It was so fun to be in no rush and to get a chance to wear my dress. It was so relax but yet exciting! I loved being able to see his first reaction of seeing me in my wedding dress. For those who may not know, we took our bridal pictures in the BYU-I gardens since the Rexburg Temple is pretty much next door. If you are wondering about LDS temples you can read/learn about them here. Since we were going to be sealed in the temple, wearing a modest wedding dress is a way of showing love and respect towards my Heavenly Father. We were so excited and ready to be married already. Marriage is the best thing ever and I can never get tired of looking at these pictures. 🙂 It is crazy how fast time flies when you’re in love.

I got my dress from Harts. Also, shout out to my mother in law for making my peony bouquet.


I thought I would share a picture of our engagement first. 🙂





We were being silly. 🙂







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