Beauty In A Beanie

BEANIE3BEANIE7BEANIE1BEANIE6BEANIE5BEANIE4BEANIE2I am so excited because I got to collaborate with some amazing bloggers! We are doing a modest style count down Christmas challenge (phew that was long!). The theme I got was Beauty in a Beanie. I am seriously so obsessed with beanies…as well as elbow patches. This is my favorite fall/winter look because it is so cozy.

Now, let’s talk about deals…You will not believe how much I got this utility jacket for! I got this beauty for $7 at Vanity. How!? Well, I bought it during the spring when all the summer clothes were starting to come out and it was on sale. Buying clothes off season is how I save tons of money. I also love how cheap my elbow patch shirt was. I got it at Ross for $13 (love that place). I see elbow patch shirts at the mall going for $30-40 so I got way excited about purchasing this one. I also got my Steve Madden purse for $30 at T.J. Maxx. Some people like to brag about how expensive their clothes are and I am the weirdo who likes to brag about finding good deals. 😉

Shoes here Beanie here Jacket similar here Plaid Shirt similar here  Jeans here


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