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Truth: Comparison Is The Root Of Self-Destruction

What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I be more like other girls? She is prettier, more talented, super intelligent, outgoing, and she is just so great! She has the perfect life! That girl never struggles and she is so well-off.

The truth is that I am not that girl I compare myself to. I am my own individually unique self. I am not her. I am ME. I am slowly learning to love myself for who I am. I realized that comparing myself to others was stealing the joy and happiness that I rightfully own. I found this cute picture that someone shared on Instagram and I want to share it.


I LOVE this! On the picture, it has two individually unique birds who ,without a doubt, are both beautiful. I realized it is not fair to compare “my worst traits” with others “best fronts”. No one is going to put the things they dislike about themselves out there. Everyone has their own struggles and imperfections. What I realized I need to do is admire others beauty but not forget my own. Comparison is such a nasty thing to get sucked into. I promise that if you are looking for self-confidence, comparison is the root of self-destruction.  We were not born to all be alike. We were all born to standout and be unique.We were born to love life and to love who we are. I know that I am not my outer appearance. There is more beauty to me than what I look like or what I wear. (Which by the way, there is nothing wrong with having fun with your outer beauty too 😉 ) Another important point is to remember to love yourself in such a way that it does not belittle others. Being here on Earth is not a competition or a race. The only person you should compete with is yourself and try to improve day to day.

She is like the ocean

Remember who you are. I am a divine woman with incredible potential. I have talents that I am not always aware of. The favorite thing about me is that I love and I am loved. Happy, self-confident, and loving girls are beautiful.

Next time you compare yourself, listen to that little voice who tells you that you are just as great too. Remember your amazing qualities. Right them down if you have to but don’t forget about your beauty. Do I still struggle with confidence? Of course I do! This whole loving myself thing is a day to day improvement. Be easy on yourself, being a human is hard sometimes.




2 thoughts on “Truth: Comparison Is The Root Of Self-Destruction

  1. This is definitely something that I, and I’m pretty sure almost everyone to some extent, struggles with! It’s so hard not to be jealous of the way someone else acts, is, or what they have. Jealousy always makes me stop and take a look at everything I’ve been given and get to do, which helps me more confident in myself a little more 🙂 Love this post!


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