Passionate Plum

Purple is my favorite color, so of course, this is my most frequently worn maxi dress! I love this dress so much because it is so light weight and vibrant. I never ever see purple maxi dresses with sleeves so I was super excited about purchasing this one. 🙂 I wear this dress with some purple heels I bought for my wedding. I like to add a denim jacket when it gets a bit cooler in the evenings. Unfortunately, this dress is sold out but I will include a link to some dresses by the same brand. As for the heels, one of my favorite places to look for heels is on Amazon. 🙂

In love with these purple dresses here!!! ❤

Find the same brand of dress herePurple Heels and Dress

purple dress

Can we take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Utah?

Utah <3Purple Dress


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