The best accessory is a smile! + Giveaway ft. Smile Brilliant

  The top is before and the bottom is after only 7 days! I tried my best to get the same lighting and I did not edit these pictures. I took these ones on my phone so I apologize for the quality but these ones represented the difference the best. Growing up my mother emphazied… Continue reading The best accessory is a smile! + Giveaway ft. Smile Brilliant


Valentine’s Day Look

Hola! It's been awhile since I've posted. My laptop recently broke 😦 so here I am posting off of my phone. I had a blast doing this Valentine's Day theme shoot with (find them on instagram) @happylittleshoppingsecret and @baileymakaimokuphotos They are both so sweet and talented! Anyways, Happy Valentines Day!❤️ Check out @happylittleshoppingsecret she's seriously… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Look


Modern Cinderella Look ft. ShopPinkBlush

I am loving this beautiful chiffon maxi dress from ShopPinkBlush! They have the cutest clothing! Their clothing is cute, comfortable, and fashionable. They also have maternity clothing for any of you expecting moms. They do free U.S. shipping and right now they are offering 50% off of their clearance items. Use the code: SUPERSALE Want a… Continue reading Modern Cinderella Look ft. ShopPinkBlush


Chambray, Lace, and Burgundy

Heels: here Skirt: here Hat(Similar): here Shirt(Similar):here I had the opportunity to work with Lindsey and her personal styling services! She is so friendly and down to earth. I was having a hard time deciding what to wear with these heels and she sent me a link to this lovely skirt. I thought it was perfect for fall! Once she helped me… Continue reading Chambray, Lace, and Burgundy

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Truth: Comparison Is The Root Of Self-Destruction

What's wrong with me? Why can't I be more like other girls? She is prettier, more talented, super intelligent, outgoing, and she is just so great! She has the perfect life! That girl never struggles and she is so well-off. The truth is that I am not that girl I compare myself to. I am my… Continue reading Truth: Comparison Is The Root Of Self-Destruction